Rebar / Reinforcement Detailing

It was exactly a decade ago that Mercury Rebar started off with a team of 5. Today, we have strength of more than 50 employees comprising of technicians and engineers employing their expertise on some of the best projects globally and in India. We understand our client’s vision to perfection and provide services in alignment with it. Mercury Rebar has all the required expertise in providing precise and cost effective Reinforcement Detailing for RCC and pre-stressed structures. Our experts help clients in the following ways:

  • Create precise drawings with Rebar detailing and avert wastage of structural which leads in savings for the contractors
  • Optimizes Bar stock lengths
  • Our specialized service helps clients minimize scrap
  • Speeds up the time taken for reinforcement placement due to precise identification of the reinforcement bars
  • Averts unwanted site delays due to errors & inaccuracies

Our Offerings

  • Reinforcement detailing
  • Preparing precise construction documents
  • Structural Drafting and developing GA drawings
  • Generate several type of reports required for planning and construction
  • Rebar and Concrete Quantities

Preparation of highly detailed reinforcement detailing drawing is a necessary requirement in the construction field all around the world. With this we can achieve a high level of quality control at site and will be quite beneficial in several aspects of construction.

Mercury Rebar uses world leading 3D & 2D Rebar Detailing & BBS software such as Auto Rebar, AutoCAD and RCCAD precisely designed for the detailing purpose. At Mercury Rebar our team focuses on quality and consistency which are the two primary parameters of our projects. We have skilled professionals who can deliver as per client’s policy of drafting by simulating layering, naming conventions, plot styles and standards. Our expert team of Rebar detailers supervised by experienced structural engineers works with a great team spirit and delivers a wide range of rebar detailing requirements needed by clients from varied industry sectors and also make use of the best Rebar Detailing Software, particularly developed to meet the quality requirements of big projects that stand to be quite challenging, with frequent revisions and fast turnaround time.


Projects by Mercury Rebar


  • Nation Tower
  • Central Park
  • NAD AL Sheba Racecourse (MEYDAN)
  • Lamar Tower
  • Algeria Project


  • Kanakia Boomerang
  • SKS Planet
  • Washington House
  • Blue Moon The Park
  • Indore Pinnacle
  • Gammon Bhopal Township
  • Empresa
  • Suresh Kali

Mercury Rebar is fortunate enough to have some really good experts on board having sound engineering and technical skills that can be made out from the rebar detailing outputs executed by them. They also possess the required in depth knowledge to produce detailed rebar drawings complying with all international standards. The rebar detailers that we have on board possess the required blend of creative talent and sight of an artist that makes Mercury Rebar figure out the requirements of the industry and provide rebar detailing services in the most effective manner and at the most economical rates. Availing our rebar design and detail services you stand to gain the following benefits:

  • Quick retrieval of information from Rebar Drawings
  • Speedy turnaround of finished drawings
  • Finished number of drawn sections
  • 3D views used for producing isometric views
  • Financial savings
  • Quick response upon queries and accessibility of technical support

As far as the construction industry goes, Rebar is a device holding reinforced concrete and reinforced stone structures in compression. Rebar detailing is the process wherein a structural engineering diagram is transformed into a detailed set of construction drawings. The process portrays the accurate placement of the reinforcing structural bars, the parts needed to support bars during construction, the fabrication of those bars and the construction cycle.


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